The Prodigy's Blog "Finding Your Perfect Job"

April 15, 2016

Finding the perfect job is never easy. You need specific hours to fit your schedule, great coworkers, and of course, the right amount money. Just these three things alone can make it difficult to find a job you can stick with. So this new study shouldn't come as a shock to anybody. Yes, a recent survey says the average person changes jobs 4 times before the age of 32. Really? Only four? The people in this survey must not have been fired as many times as my dad.

If you listen to the show every day, you've probably heard that BJ has had many jobs in the radio industry, mostly due to "disagreements with management", but just how many? Well I remember in elementary school when people would ask you me to tell them something interesting about myself and I would always list off all the places I had lived. Florida, New York, California, Washington... and those were just the ones I could remember off the top of my head. Despite what people thought, we didn't move around for a change of scenery. We moved because BJ would get fired. But don't worry, it was never his fault. His boss just didn't "Get It".

I've only had two other jobs and I'm afraid to say it seems getting fired runs in the family. What can I say, like father, like son. And now with BJ as my boss, well I DEFINITELY get it. Sometimes you just don't see eye to eye; especially when you’re taller than they are.

What about you? How many jobs have you had? Are you working your perfect job?​