The Prodigy's Blog "Self Sacrifice"

April 26, 2016

I think it’s safe to say that most people these days can’t stay off the internet. Whether it’s Music, Youtube, or Facebook, people spend a ridicules amount of time online. But what would you do if someone made you choose between the internet and a person’s life?  A new survey says that half of people would not give up the internet for the rest of their life to save a random person’s life.


Ouch, only half huh? I guess this shouldn’t be shocking with such a social disconnect that people feel towards their fellow person but are we really that attached to the internet. BJ thinks he could give up the internet to save a life. It would be difficult but there are other things he could replace the internet with. What if it were board games though? That’s were BJ draws the line. He could not give up board games to save someone. How can you blame him though? We all have something we aren’t will to give up for anything or anyone.


This is one is tough for me. I spend a majority of my time on the internet, if I’m not out with friends or family. I want to say that I could give it up but when presented with the choice, I’m sure it would be a lot harder to make. That being said, I could easily give up board games. I guess the love of dice rolling doesn’t run as deep in my blood; unless we’re at the Craps table. With a couple of drinks in me I could throw those dice for hours.  


What about you, could you give up the internet? What would you give up to save someone’s life? ​