Migs Blog: Puppies!

April 28, 2016

Yesterday was an awesome day… we had puppies at work.  No, not the kind that Jerry “The King” Lawler would talk about back in the WWE’s attitude era…actual puppies came by the station, thanks to Motley Zoo animal rescue for visiting us!  Check them out at www.MotleyZoo.org , as they do awesome stuff!

I’m glad to know low brow humor doesn’t just live here in the good ol’ U.S. of A!

A weatherman in Hungary recently got fired for adding flatulence sound effects to his report about high winds.

Yup… he made fart sounds during his weather report.  Nothing brings be greater joy than reading that. 

The only bummer is that once he did this, his company fired him.  Very short sighted if you ask me.  I would tune in to the farting weatherman, even if he is giving weather reports  in a town I don’t live in. 

Check it out, it’s glorious!

Speaking of being immature… Not sure if you know this… but Thee Ted Smith and I do a podcast, and yesterday we did an awesome cast with the fellas in SIXX A.M….plus this happened!