Migs Blog: Draft Day Insanity!

April 29, 2016

Seriously, yesterday’s Draft was an episode of “Ballers” in the making.  If you don’t know, “Ballers” is that awesome show on HBO that starts The Rock where it’s about all the crazy crap that happens in the football world.  It’s like Entourage, but instead of Hollywood being the back drop, it focuses on the football world.

Yesterday, 13 minutes before the draft was to start… someone hacked into Laremy Tunsil’s Twitter page and posted an old video of him ripping a bong hit like a champ out of a gas mask!  Here is the video…

So this comes out…it completely screws him out of being picked super early in the draft as he was expected to be one of the top picks.  He gets picked 13th overall by the Dolphins.  Yes…the Dolphins, the team that is the main premise of the show “Ballers”!  you can’t make this crap up!

Props to the kid, he answered questions about it…it has to suck to have this happening!  Some think it was his step-father that did this, as they have issues with each other…but the step-dad denies it, and here is Laremy chatting with Deon Sanders…

To make matters worse, just before his news conference began, an exchange of messages from Tunsil asking an Ole Miss official for money was posted to his Instagram account. 

Speaking of the draft… you gotta love how the newest member of the Seahawks, Germain Ifedi, reacted to getting drafted!  Check it out!

Here is the call that Seahawks G.M. John Schneider and Coach Pete Carroll made to let Germain know that he is coming to the 206…

After that call… John, Pete, and Germain all put their gas mask bong on and celebrated some of the finer greens the Northwest has to offer!  I kid, of course!