Thrills Big Brown Blog 05-02-16

SHOW # 2361

May 2, 2016



Today was our Random Question Question Day, so many different topics came and went.  At one point, the illustrious Miles Montgomery was pimping an upcoming game we play called 'Profile This', where we will typically encourage you to channel your inner racist... although not today.


Ah, so this week, whoever won (which a guy named Jason did) got tickets to Korn and Rob Zombie.  


Korn and Rob Zombie.   Sounds like a really sh*tty meal somewhere, so to perpetuate the food theme, we decided that it should be Korn and Broccoli Rob Zombie.  See what we did there?


Then we considered ways for Korn to release a host of cover albums.  First, they should release an album of Cream covers and call it Creamed Korn.   They'll follow this with an album of Bread covers and call it... you guessed it... Korn Bread.


Sadly, I'm not done. 


Korn featuring Courtney Love would be Korn Hole.  And finally, Korn covering Green Day would be Green Korn. 


Yep.  That's where my head is today.


Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"