Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Is Your Dog Spoiled?

May 2, 2016

Is your dog spoiled? I already know the answer is YES. We can't help it!!! That face... those ears... the paws... how can you NOT spoil your dog?! Here at KISW, we are crazy for our four-legged friends, and there are some local businesses who share our passion for pups. 


The petStop in Bellingham is one of my favorite stops for picking up goodies for our labs. Whether your shopping for high quality dog food, raw bones, or indestructible Kong toys... they have it all. I'm always impressed by their selection of bulk dog treats and chews, plus the staff is extremely knowledgeable when you have an inquiry or are looking for something specific.


I Heart Dogs is located on Phinney Ridge in Seattle and I could shop there every day if I lived closer! When my dear friend lived down the street, I shopped there all the time. One thing I just learned is that they have a delivery service for your dog food, so you'll never find yourself out of food and panicking (we've ALL been there)! How convenient is that?!


If you're further south, check out Wag Pet Market in Tacoma! The staff is SO friendly and will treat you and your pet like royalty. The product lines they carry are high quality without breaking the bank, and they're extremely supportive of the community they serve. You have to see their toy selection because they have incredibly unique items! 


So go ahead - spoil those babies! And be sure to share photos on our Facebook page. We love 'em! 


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly