Migs Blog: #1 Zipline

May 6, 2016

You can’t make stories up like this!  I have been able to enjoy ziplining in Hawaii…never in Vegas, but if I did…I would never think it’s a good idea to pee while doing so…maybe it should be called “Whiz-Lining”

What the hell am I talking about?  Some 15 year old kid did the unthinkable ziplining near the strip in Las Vegas on a zipline called the SlotZilla.  SlotZilla is 117 feet high and almost a third of a mile long.

A bunch of people were walking under it the other day, and a few of them thought they felt raindrops. 

Here is the problem.  Unless there was a leak (possibly a poor choice of words for this story) in the roof…this doesn't make sense, because there's a huge roof over it.

Well, it turned out it was actually a teen on the zipline…PEEING on them as he went by.

They aren’t sure if it  happened because he was scared, or if he did it on purpose.  If I am the kid, even if it was intentional…I am gonna lie and say it was all nerves. 

His parents had to apologize to a bunch of the people who got peed on…I bet that’s something they never expected to do while in Vegas.

As if this story isn’t ridiculous enough… a news anchor in Houston reported on it by singing "Yellow Rain" instead of "Purple Rain".