The Prodigy's Blog "Superheroes"

May 10, 2016

Summer is quickly approaching and with it comes an armada of awesome movies. This year’s lineup has started off strong with Captain America Civil War which BJ and I got to see yesterday. I won't spoil anything but the movie was epic and I recommend going to see it. After the movie, hyped for all the superhero awesomeness, BJ and I got into a long conversation about who our favorite superhero is.


Tough question, but for BJ it’s an easy answer. Growing up reading the Fantastic Four, BJ quickly became a hardcore fan of Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, as well as Johnny and Sue Storm. But who's his favorite of the four? His answer surprised even me. BJ's likes Ben "The Thing" Grimm. Ben goes through one of the more difficult transformations from human to....rock? But in exchange for his human body, he gains super strength and indestructibility. Upon further consideration, BJ does have some similarities to Ben. They both have a big mouth with a rocky face. Too bad BJ missed out on that whole "indestructible" thing.


I'm going old school with my answer. My favorite superhero is the one and only Superman! I grew up watching the Superman cartoons as well as the Justice League. Superman always struck me as the cool, calm leader of the group. Not to mention he’s half an alien and has heat vision. I have to admit though; I've become a big fan of Batman nowadays. It probably has something to do with how great the Batman movies are and how bad the Superman movies were. That, along with Batman's awesome ride The Bat-mobile. You won't get a speeding ticket it that thing.  


What about you, who is your favorite Superhero?