The Prodigy's Blog "Tradition"

May 11, 2016

It’s no secret that BJ and I love movies. It’s become one of my favorite father son bonding times that we have. So much so that it has become a tradition that we go see all the new and exciting movies that we are interested in. You might be aware of this, but one thing you might not be aware of is the other tradition that we have that follows any movie, the food. BJ and I share (as well as many other people) a great love for food. And what goes better with a movie than an incredible meal afterward.


Everyone has that special go to meal, one they could eat for the rest of their life. Shockingly, BJ and I do share one these meals in common. We always end up at a pizza joint. While you can’t go wrong with pizza, BJ does have one condition, the pizza place must have a great dessert selection. He loves his sugar, and I have to admit, he’s pulled me over to the dark side.  You just can’t say no to a mouth-watering slice of key lime pie, or an ice cream sundae the size of Mount Rainier.


The bonus of a great meal is the time you get to talk while you’re waiting for your food.  Whether it be about to movie just life in general, it’s a great way to stay active in people’s lives. Or in our case, it turns into a bunch of arguing about movie plot holes and which superhero is the best. We’ve definitely been “those people” yelling in a quiet restaurant so loud that our server has had to rush our food out so they can politely tell you to leave as quickly as possible. But hey, that’s what traditions are for.

 What about you, what’s one of your favorite traditions?  ​