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SHOW # 2375

May 11, 2016



15- year- old kid visiting Las Vegas went on the Freemont Street Experience Zip line.  As he sailed over the throngs of people below he took the opportunity to pee on them. 


Then there's the poor sap who went to a funeral completely hung over.  Long story- short, he ended up puking all over the coffin AND the corpse.


Sh*t happens.  We asked WHAT BODILY FLUID GOT ON YOU?  And here's what you answered:


Had to poop... did it in the shower... shower had no water


Puked on a bus... from the inside


Saved another man from falling off of scaffolding.   Guy peed on himself and his savior


Trying to remove a dead and gas- bloated dog from under a porch... dog exploded and covered him with pus and maggots


Elementary school gym teacher... generally covered in snot, but was recently covered in snot... and vomit and pee and poop


Slipped in either a pile of vomit or a pile of diarrhea (he wasn't sure which) and then peed himself.   Ta- da!


 Works at an airport... had to empty the plane's toilets... loose seal led to 35 gallons of loose stool... in 8 seconds!


Someone hocked a loogie in his fast food burger (which is bad enough) but he also got mono


Worked on a farm in his teens... artificially inseminating pigs... accidentally sprayed himself in the face with an ounce of pig semen.  Well, he SAYS it was accident


OK, I'm outta here.


Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"