The Prodigy’s Blog “Waking Up”

May 19, 2016

Waking up early can be a struggle, epically if you wake up as early as I do, a lovely 3:30am. But even I can’t complain after reading this news story about a man who woke up from a coma after a grueling 42 day struggle. Although I’ve always wanted to hibernate during the winter, I think 42 days is a bit much. After waking up, the man asked for one thing and one thing only, as much Taco Bell as they could find. It makes sense, such a long sleep would create one hell of a craving for food, and why not as many tacos as you can eat.


Of course this got me thinking, what would BJ do after waking up from a long coma? For once I guess right, as BJ would eat as much Indian food that his hands could stuff into his mouth.  That, and play board games, one hour of gaming for each he spent sleeping. Something tells me that BJ wouldn’t mind sleeping for a bit longer if he got to play board games in exchange. Me personally, there is only one right answer, all the pizza. Yes not one pizza, all the pizza. I’ve got time to make up for!  They might as well just deliver a pizza to my room every day, now that would be dream.


What about you, what would be the first thing you would do if you woke up from long coma? ​