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SHOW # 2381

May 19, 2016



Today was Big Dummy... and it lived up to the name.   Today, for whatever reason, our selection of players seemed, um, bigger and dummier.   Can't explain why, but today was that day.   For example, camels are not native to North America, Mars is not a galaxy, and bats aren't birds... not do they mate with banana plants.  


We did, however, learn the fate of the honeybee.   There's the queen, and she's the only woman in town.   We knew that.  What we didn't know was that when male bees "get lucky" with the queen (and who wouldn't wanna do that?) they die when its over.  See, when they do their dirty bee business, they do it midflight.  Giggity.  However, the queen's bee- vagina is like a Roach Motel... you can check in, but you can't check out.  The male bee rips his body in half when he pulls out.  Glad I'm not a honey bee. 


Oh, and we live- streamed "Ted's Meat and Potatoes" today on our Facebook page.  Apparently went over quite well.   That's what I heard, but really, I dunno.


That's about all I got today.


Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"