The Prodigy’s’ Blog “Showtime”

May 20, 2016

The lights go down as crowd grows silent, anticipation growing in their mind. Thousands gather to join in an experience like none other, Showtime. One stage, one act, one night in which everyone and anyone come together to share in experience they will not soon forget. There’s nothing like going to event that has been building excitement in your mind for months.


This past year, BJ and I got to see Penn and Teller live in Las Vegas. I’ve seen a lot of shows in Las Vegas but Penn and Teller are by far one of my favorites, and BJ agrees. We both share the love and mystery that comes from a good Magic show and who better to see that 2 of the best in the business. The level of professionalism and heart that those two have maintained through the years shines on stage as it almost feels like they are doing the show just for you despite being part of a large audience. BJ, who was once an amateur magician, has followed these two for some time now and he says that the old-school magic behind their act is the best part. They stay true to what a real magic show is all about, wonder, laughter and of course, audience engagement. We both highly recommend seeing this show and it is fairly inexpensive ($60).


So what show are we looking forward to seeing this year? That’s easy, Pain in the Grass! My minds been buzzing sense this year’s announcement and although it’s still a couple months away, I’m already counting down the days. I’ll see all you Rock-A-Holics there!


What’s that one show that you wish you could relive? Or what show are you excited to see. ​