The Prodigy’s Blog “Spoilers”

May 25, 2016

Many of us have T.V. shows we love unfortunately with that love brings a strong hate for something else, spoilers. We all have busy schedules that, from time to time, make us miss our favorite shows. And when that happens, it feels almost impossible to not get everything spoiled, especially on social media. But I never would have thought about this crazy way to get something spoiled. A woman got revenge on her ex by finding him and spoiling the entire Game of Thrones story line. Wow. All that anticipation crushed by a bad breakup. I wonder what hurt more, the breakup, or the spoiler. One thing is for sure, this “John Snow” knows way too much.


I have something in common with this woman in that I also spoiled Game of Thrones for someone. I was a bit too excited Monday morning as I blurted out a big spoiler for Game of Thrones right in front of BJ. Normally it wouldn’t have been a problem because BJ always watches Game of Thrones the night of to avoid this very situation but of course this was not the case. I take part of the blame on this one but in my defense, I was already talking about it when BJ walked in the room. I tried to play it off like a joke but he quickly saw through the charade when he questioned Vicky about the truth. BJ could easy double as an interrogator. Well after the truth was exposed, BJ quickly banned me from talking while he’s in the room. Now I’m the Silent Spoiler.  


Have you ever spoiled something for someone? Has someone spoiled something for you?​