The Prodigy's Blog "Engagement Rings"

June 16, 2016

Good day everyone, Uncle Chris here with some thoughts about engagement rings!


We talked a lot about them on Wednesday's show, and I wanted to give my two cents on the topic.


There are two ways to look at buying an engagement ring for your intended spouse:


1) Buy something you hope they will like and surprise them with it.  This can and should be a wholly romantic gesture and will show your significant other that you not only invested your money in the physical representation of your love for them, but also your time and creativity.  You're saying that you understand them, you care enough about them to know what they will like and that you did your homework and went shopping on your own with only their happiness in mind.



2) Go ring shopping with them.  Takes the surprise element out, but shows that you care enough about what they want to guarantee success with your choice.  Also demonstrates a willingness to involve your partner in the big decisions, a useful trait for any potential marriage partnership.

Still smooth.


That's how I feel about it, how about you?  Any thoughts on the best way to approach the engagement ring question?


 -Uncle Chris