Seattle Musician Documentary Book Video Feature

June 25, 2015

Check out the season ending Art Zone with Nancy Guppy​ sh ow (video above) and the feature on photographer Ernie Sapiro's "Musician" book & the upcoming August gallery in Seattle. Huge honor to have been asked to participate in this historic piece of Seattle Music documentation!


Over 2 years of scheduling, Ernie shot over 175 chosen figures known in the Seattle/Pacific Northwest Music scene (all genres) over the years & currently from musicians, producers, radio personalities, record store/label peeps etc. like Pat O'Day (famous broadcaster/promoter), Duff McKagan (GnR), Mike McCready (Pearl Jam), Randy Hansen, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Chris Ballew (PUSA)Sean Kinney (Alice in Chains), Tee Wanz, Merrilee Rush, Buck Ormsby (The Fabulous Wailers), Matt Vaughn (Easy Street Records)Jonathan Poneman (Sub Pop), Duke Erickson (Metal Church) etc. Even the first lady of RnR photography (especially in the Pacific Northwest), Jini Dellaccio is featured in this project. Unfortunately she passed away last year, but what an HONOR it is for myself to also be featured in this project along side her greatness and my fellow photogs Charles Peterson & Lance Mercer. Also to know my cousin and long time Seattle music critic Gene Stout is also in the project is bitter sweet for our families knowing how much time/effort we've both put into our love of music and especially in the local scene. Between us we have 65+ years of music relations in Seattle alone with our writings and photography! A celebration of each individuals 30x34" prints will be on display at Union Stable (not 100% confirmed yet - I'll announce details when confirmed) in Seattle starting August 21st and will run for 3-4 weeks. A book is also in the plans too. That would be awesome!

Here's some non-exhibit extras Ernie let me use of Mike McCready - (me) Iron Mike Savoia - Gene Stout for this blog. Not even knowing the uniqueness or full story behind the project when I had my photo shoot I'm super happy I walked out of the house that day with my Rocket shirt on, perfect dedication to the history of Seattle music print coverage back in the day now immortalized in this project! If Ernie's last name rings a bell in Seattle his father was the world renowned film photographer Scotty Sapiro (bio). His studio in Seattle's Pioneer Square was well known in the 70s. Following in his footsteps Ernie is now on of the best Seattle based portrait and lifestyle editorial photographers! Great personality and talent. Stay up-to-date with this project at:

A special shout out goes out to Nancy Guppy (Art Zone, Almost Live, King5) as the co-producer of this "Musicians" project as Ernie stated to me "This would have never happened without her" and the Gibson Showroom in Seattle (Jeff Dana & Jenny Marsh) for their time/efforts for all the photos to be done there.

"Iron" Mike Savoia -