Guitar Gods Yngwie Malmsteen, Bumblefoot next week

June 18, 2014

The 2014 Guitar Gods tour featuring Yngwie Malmsteen with Gary HoeyBumblefoot hits Seattle next Thursday (6/26/14) at the Showbox Market. BUY TICKETS - All ages, doors at 7pm show at 8pm.

Hailed by TIME magazine as one the Top 10 greatest electric guitarists of all time, Yngwie Malmsteen is not of this world. For over 20 years I've been seeing him doing things on guitar your mind just can't comprehend. Yes, "I'm not worthy" will replay in your head over and over watching Yngwie play! Malmsteen became known for his neo-classical playing style in heavy metal back in the early 80s with Steeler & Graham Bonnet's Alcatrazz but it wasn't until he released his first solo album Rising Force in 1984 that slammed the whole guitar world on it's ear changed everything you heard from rock and metal guitarists in the remaining 80s. Not only is he an amazing guitarist he's one hell of a showman and his live shows are always exciting to watch. What's even more cooler is he started playing guitar after seeing our very own Seattleite Jimi Hendrix on TV. So you can probably guess they'll be a cool Hendrix portion to his Seattle show! Check out Yngwie at the 50 Years of Loud (Marshall) at Wembley Arena below.

Also on the bill, Yngwie hand picked the amazing Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (Guns 'N Roses) & the one and only Gary Hoey!

Unfortunately originally scheduled tour guitarist Uli Jon Roth (ex-Scorpions) had to drop off the tour at the last minute because of a visa issue (see press release at bottom of blog). In his place they added (little confused on this since it's a Guitar God show) the blues rock Gary Douglas Band to the tour. 

If you wanna meet Yngwie, Bumblefoot and Gary Hoey they'll be doing a special Q&A and autograph appearance at Guitar Center in Lynnwood, WA at noon the day of the show. Click here to see all the info on Yngwie's website regarding the Guitar Center appearances.

Check this shot I did of Yngwie way back at the Foundations Forum in the Burbank Hilton in Los Angeles like 20 years ago!


“Unfortunately, we are forced to cancel my participation in this tour due to unforeseen circumstances which are beyond our control.

“We don’t know why, but work visas got mysteriously delayed for no apparent reason to the point where we were left with no other reasonable choice but to cancel at this late stage. In over 30 years of obtaining U.S. visas this has never happened to me, but I guess there’s always a first.

“I would have loved to play for the North American audience on this tour, like so many times before, but I’m sure my three guitar-playing friends will be just fine without me and will more than make up for it with their considerable skills. I’m wishing them best luck and lots of inspiration!”