Dog Parks Near Beer

March 15, 2016

Keeping your dog well socialized and in great shape can be a lot of fun for everyone. We always have a great time taking Kona and Kai to local dog parks to mingle with other dogs and meet other crazy dog lovers. :) One thing you might not know about my Kona-bear is that she was attacked by two do gs in my FENCED BACK YARD years ago (Yes, I was furious. Yes, I called the cops. Yes, I lost my goddamn mind), and naturally, it was very traumatizing for her. She's still a little timid around other dogs, and is sometimes scared to have her butt sniffed (yeah, that's a fun one to try and pr event), so keeping her around other dogs on a regular basis helps her out a LOT with trusting other K-9s. It's important to make sure your dogs are up to date on all of their shots if you're going to visit places like this, but I have a few recommendations if you're looking for a great spot! 

1. Lake Padden Dog Park - Bellingham, WA: Not only is this off-leash dog park HUGE and fully fenced, it is connected to the off-leash hiking trails of Lake Padden, so you can also hike with your fur buddy when you go! When we lived in Bellingham we would go here on a weekly and often daily basis. The hike will give your dog a great workout and get you sweating, too! Start or finish at the dog park for some play time! Hit up Kulshan Brewing Company or Wander Brewing after, both with dog friendly spots to hang! 

2. Strawberry Fields for Rover Off-Leash Park - Marysville, WA: It's a bit muddy here this time of year, but let's be honest - the dogs LOVE that stuff. This place has beautiful views and is quite widespread! I often times end up with the whole park to myself, but sometimes you'll see a Goldendoodle meet-up or some other fun event happening while you're there! Stop off at Skookum Brewery in Arlington or Whitewall Brewing in Marysville afterward. Both dog friendly! 

3. Woodland Park Off-Leash Area - Seattle, WA: Near Green Lake and Woodland Park Zoo, this place is magical! It has hills, trees, and all sorts of cool spots to run and play. I've seen some really cool breeds here which is always super exciting. Ever seen a Leonberger?? They're awesome! Anyway, this is a great spot for before or after a loop around Green Lake! Drive a few miles to Fremont Brewing for their dog friendly patio seating afterward! 

4. Thurston County Off-Leash Dog Park - Olympia, WA: Since we're still in the rainy season, definitely wear the right boots! I recommend Boggs until things dry out. :) Still, dirty dogs are happy dogs! This spot is awesome because they have some fun agility/obstacle equipment set up for you to try out with your pups. LOTS of space to run around. Stop into Fish Brewing Company on your way home and have a pint on the patio with your pup! 

What's the name of the best dog park in your neighborhood? Share the details with me in an email, and let me know about any dog-friendly spots nearby! 

Happy Adventuring,

Taryn Daly