Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday September 9th, 2017

Kataklysm – Black Sheep Omnium Gatherum – A Shadow Key Cannabis Corpse – In Battle There Is No Pot Pantera – Drag The Waters Warbringer – Silhouettes Cannibal Corpse – Encased In Concrete Candlemass – The Well Of Souls Corrosion Of Conformity – Vote With a Bullet Thunderbeast – Blood Eagle Madball...
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Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday July 8th, 2017

Trial – Unrestrained Hatebreed – Doomsayer Decapitated – One Eyed Nation Darkest Hour – This Is The Truth Exodus – Strike Of The Beast At The Gates - Cold Old Iron – Maelstrom Of The Black Tempest Bolt Thrower – Embers Botch – C Thomas Howell As “The Soul Man” Cannibal Corpse – Icepick Lobotomy...
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