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Stranger Things 2

Hello Rock-A-Holics and let me be the first to welcome you back from the weekend. Hopefully you’ve rested up and cured your hangover because there are no breaks when it comes to the work week. I know I’m still dragging a bit after the disappointing sports weekend that the Cougars and Huskies had. I...
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Joey Deez Blog "Favorite Food"

Its Friday Jr. Rock-A-Holics! That means we are one step closer to the weekend and some much needed extra sleep. Besides sleep there’s one thing I always look forward to on the weekend and that’s food. I try and do my best to maintain some kind of “healthy” diet on the weekdays but once Saturday...
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Joey Deez Blog "Girl Scout Cookies"

Girl Scout Cookies are officially on sale now in Washington and that means it’s finally time to break out the stretchy pants and ditch the diet. After the holidays I feel like many of us try to eat better and hit the gym which is awesome but we all need a cheat day…or three. Mine starts with the...
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