andrew rivers

Migs Blog: Andrew Rivers...Magician?!?

Our bud, comedian Andrew Rivers , just posted another great video for his “Don’t Quit Your Night Job” video series…where he tries to learn how to do other people’s jobs! This time around…he is trying to be a magician, as he meets up with Magician Louie Foxx. He even goes so far to try and get out...
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Migs Blog: Andrew Rivers...Psychic?

My bud, comedian Andrew Rivers has a great web series called “Don’t Quit Your Night Job” where he learns about someone’s job and attempts to do it. In the past he has learned how to punt with Jon Ryan, and took punches in attempt to learn how to box. This time around…he’s tackling the very “bland”...
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Migs Blog: Don't Quit Your Night Job With Andrew Rivers

As you have heard on our show, BJ and former Seattle radio great Bob Rivers have been buds for many years. Over time we have gotten to know his son Andrew Rivers …who is a super talented comic. Andrew has been doing something very cool, a podcast/video series where he tries to do other people’s...
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