Tomb Raider Official Trailer

Welcome to Hump Day Rock-A-Holics! It looks like the rain has finally returned and with it marks the end of our amazing 70+ degree weather. That’s why the timing of this new Tomb Raider trailer couldn’t be better because what better way is there to spend a rainy day other than watching a movie. For...
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Android: KISW Mobile App Alarm Help

Let the members of BJ & Migs show you how it's done: For Android users, follow these 4 simple steps: (Looking for iPhone instructions? Click here .) 1. Open the KISW mobile app on your phone. 2. Tap on the alarm icon in the lower right corner. 3. Choose the date and time for your alarm. 4. Be...
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Q13 AMBUSH IN DALLAS: 5 officers killed by snipers, 6 more wounded during protest march DALLAS – Five Dallas officers were killed by snipers and six others were wounded during a protest in downtown Dallas Thursday night, police said. It is the worst... Driving or taking bus on I-5 through South...
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