Mickey Must Be Mini

Hola Bitcholas, Here's a simple truth about the members of this show; we are easily distracted. It's how it is. We've had the same boss for 12 and a half years and through those years we've been through a lot and things change...except his disdain for inability to focus on anything for very long...
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Joey Deez Blog "Crushing It"

Hello Rock-A-Holics! Today is Tuesday which can mean only one thing…..TACOS! Hopefully you have plans to get some tasty tacos today or at the very least, a big plate of nachos. And while you’re eating, you’ll need something to keep your mind off of work and I’ve got just the thing. Some kids want...
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Patrick Stewart Plays The Part Of Poop In 'The Emoji Movie' Video of Patrick Stewart Talks About His Role In ‘The Emoji Movie’ As Poop Emoji! | TODAY Parents Say R. Kelly Is Keeping Their Daughters In Abusive Cult​ Video of Family Of Alleged R. Kelly Victim Press Conference 7/17/17 Video of R...
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