Attitude Era

ECCW Invades 3-2-1 Battle! This Friday Night At Evolve Fitness

It has been a summer full of intense rivalries for 3-2-1 Battle!, Seattle’s home of “weird wrestling.” The wrestlers who make up the unique roster of 3-2-1 went head to head with the combatants of Bay Area federation Hoodslam just a few weeks ago and now they are facing off against our neighbors to...
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JABRONI JOURNAL: Missing My Monday Night Channel Flipping

Video of Last WCW Nitro Ever I took WCW for granted. Sixteen years ago (March 26th, 2001), WCW Nitro aired its final episode as WWE’s mastermind Vince McMahon appeared on a simulcast episode alongside his very own Monday Night Raw, announcing that he had purchased the company. While the popularity...
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Jabroni Journal: Happy 3/16 !

Over the past few years, March 16th has become a bit of a global holiday for wrestling fans. Get it, 3/16? For those unfamiliar with what 3/16 symbolizes, let’s take a trip down memory lane. On June 23rd, 1996 Stone Cold Steve Austin cemented his spot in the annals of pro wrestling history when he...
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