Support Musicians Directly Through Bandcamp This Friday

With the number of local concerts and worldwide tours being either postponed or cancelled altogether last week, there are a ton of artists in need of a little help. The hard fact is that a good majority of these artist’s income comes from performing live. If you have the means available, consider...
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BJ & Migs L&L BAND OF THE WEEK: Midnight Movie

I know sometimes I come on way too strong,” singer Evan Stewart concedes on Midnight Movie’s debut EP, Home by Nine, before resolving, “I’ll try to work on it.” Bursting with sincerity and frenetic energy, the Seattle-based power-pop quartet is bringing that admission to life with a raw performance...
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The Offspring Might Be Being Sued By Founding Bass Player

Apparently all is not pretty fly for the punk rock icons.
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Red Sox Players Form a Dugout Band Our dugout > — Red Sox (@RedSox) May 14, 2018 “The Dugout” Album dropping soon! — Red Sox (@RedSox) May 14, 2018 Kid Pees While Dad Proposes to Mom Highway Sign Hacked To Say That The County "Sucks “D” Watch...
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Dustin from Stranger Things

Dustin from Stranger Things has a band and they covered Pearl Jam and Jimmy Eat World

We already know the kids in Stranger Things can act, and we knew some of them could even sing/play music in a band, but I had no idea Gaten Matarazzo (a.k.a. Dustin) has such a great taste in music.
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