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Check Out Metallica Covering Prince

Metallica of course on the road with their WorldWIred tour, selling out shows all over America. When on tour, I would imagine the monotony of the road and playing the same songs every night can get a bit . . . well monotonous. How do you mix things up and keep it fresh when playing so many shows?...
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Alkaline Trio's New Album Is Here!

It's here! The new album by Alkaline Trio! Goth punks rejoice! I have been awaiting this album since they announced it back in July. From my heart skull tattoo behind my ear, to meeting the band back at Warped Tour 2010, and of course seeing Matt Skiba recently with Blink 182. There was doubt as if...
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A 9 Year Old Covered Slipknot at a Talent Show

I love when kids do awesome things. And what is more awesome than when a kid does something involving one of our favorite bands? We don't know his name, but this kid totally pulled off a cover of Slipknot's "The Devil In I" at a school talent show. Check it out. Video of Slipknot The Devil in I...
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KoRn Spent So Much Money on Alcohol Recording This Album

Well are we surprised that at the height of their success, the boys in KORN spent over $60,000 on liqour? That's right, in a new interview, frontman Jonathan Davis gets candid about the amount of alcohol the band consumed while recording 1998's "Follow the Leader". He also talks about the bands...
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Bad Religion and Pennywise Are Coming to Auburn with a Food and Craft Beer Fest!

When you wake up on a Monday, it can be hard to get going. But I will tell you, it's a LOT easier when you wake up to a huge concert announcement from some of your favorite bands. And that is exactly what happened for me this morning! Scallywag Fest is coming to White River! What is this? A food...
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MxPx released the first song from their NEW album!

They have been teasing it for a while, and I am excited to say that MxPx 's first song from their upcoming album has arrived! Plus they also released the music video for it! Check out the epicness! Video of MxPx - "Let's Ride" The band has said the new album will be out...
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MxPx is Playing Showbox! July 27th!

You know me. Any time a punk or pop punk band announces a show in Seattle, I am all over it. ESPECIALLY when that band is MxPx. As you may have read on here in the past, I have been a fan of MxPx since my early teenage years. Crazy to think that the band is entering their 26th year of playing. Last...
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Jonathan Davis Wants To Make a Metal Musical

No you read that right. Jonathan Davis wants to create a METAL musical, and we are all in. In a recent interview, Jonathan said he wants to create a dark, metal type of musical. Of course, he is out promoting his solo album, "Black Labyrinth" which comes out May 25th, the KORN frontman shows no...
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BABYMETAL Released a New Song!

With all this talk about #Pain2018 (get your tickets here ), it's always fun to look back at past #Pain's and relive some awesome moments! What better way to do it, then when a past #Pain band releases new music. I am talking about BABYMETAL who played Pain in the Grass 2017! They have been teasing...
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Corey Taylor and Clown Are Teasing Slipknot News

Slipknot fans rejoice. Over the weekend Corey Taylor and Clown took to social media to tease new Slipknot . And you know we are so excited. 2019 — Slipknot (@slipknot) April 20, 2018 Simply captioned "2019" leaves a lot to be desired, but considering we are almost halfway...
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