The Prodigy's Blog "Stressful Work Environments"

We all know that stress can play a major factor in the workplace. If you’re anything like me, you prefer a stress free work place. But as it turns out, we may be in the minority. A new survey says that 8% of people do not want a stressful work environment while everyone else enjoys some stress at...
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BJ's Blog by his son...The Prodigy 03/30/16 "It's April 1st"

It sneaks up on us every year, April 1st. The day of fools, Prankers, and.... The Reverend En Fuego. For those of you who have not had the joy of listening to The Rev's special "Beat Migs" on April 1st, instead of his normal trivia questions, he asked Laffy Taffy joke questions. Some people may...
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BJ's Morning Sickness

What would you guys think about a new feature on BJ & Migs? BJ's Morning Sickness! We could bitch ALL MORNING LONG about what we are SICK of. People leaving time on the microwave? YES! Idiots driving slow in the fast lane? YES! Justin Bieber??? DOUBLE YES! We all have pet peeves and they...
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