Vintage Trouble - Neumos - Seattle 11.11.17

Vintage Trouble - Neumos - Seattle 11.11.17 Photos: "Iron" Mike Savoia -
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Rock Blog: It's Eric Clapton's Birthday

Each year around this time I think about Eric Clapton. Nothing weird or nostalgic, just that we share the same birthday, March 30th. I loved Clapton as a kid and when I found out we had the same birthday, I felt like we were brothers. I met him once and told him. He wasn’t impressed. Video of THE...
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Rock Blog: The Stones Are Back (& Blue)

The Rolling Stones are about to release a new album, devoted entirely to cover versions of blues songs. In most cases, the proverbial “Blues Album” for a veteran artist could mean, A: they’ve run out of material or have suffered from writers block, B: It’s the one thing they’ve always wanted to do...
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