Kids Can Be So Damn Savage

Hola Bitcholas, Full disclosure; I'm cool with blood, vomit, sh*t, pee, and MOST other bodily expulsions. Always have been...and then I had kids and tolerance to other people's "stuff" is a necessity. Boogers however, they are never welcome in my world. I'm not sure why they bother me as much as...
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Thrill's Big Brown Blog Knows You're Gross

Hola, Some things give you the "heebie- jeebies", make your skin crawl or just plain freak you out. Case-in-point, a woman in India had a cockroach removed from her SKULL...12 hours after it climbed up her nose. She didn't realize that it had happened until she felt a "tingling, crawling sensation...
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Steve Migs Blog 03/04/16 "Booger For President"

I promise to keep this a politics free zone. Clearly there is a lot of insanity right now...last night at the debates, it seems like penis size was a point of contention. I swear, the WWE should hire these candidates to start writing promo's for wrestlers. That's how ridiculous it's getting. The...
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