Bradley Nowell of Sublime Would Have Been 52 This Weekend

Sublime's Bradley Nowell was a legend. Another artist gone too soon. Help us celebrate his life with some of my favorite tracks from Sublime!
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Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday April 7th, 2019

R.I.P SHAWN SMITH Brad – 20th Century Shawn Smith – The Day Brings Brad – Buttercup The Sky Giants Interview The Sky Giants – Technicolor Kaleidoscope The Sky Giants – Iota The Sky Giants – Shifting Of Phaseworld The Sky Giants – Dream Receiver The Sky Giants – Solid State Year Of The Cobra – Lion...
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R.I.P Shawn Smith - Remembering his soulful voice

On Friday April 5th, we lost an incredible voice. Shawn Smith passed away at the age of 53. Many people may know Shawn Smith from his time as a prominent solo artist here in the Northwest – playing the piano, keyboard or guitar with his long hair waving underneath his signature hat. Shawn is most...
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RIP Shawn Smith

Friday night I received word from a buddy of mine that Shawn Smith, frontman for bands like Brad, Pigeonhed, and Satchel, had passed away. I would be lying to say that I knew Shawn, I only met him once, but I have many friends that were close to him and my thoughts are with them as they cope with...
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Thrill's Big Brown Blog

Hola bitches, Today was "Big Dummy" day, and unlike last week, when we lost faith in humanity's intellect, THIS week, our faith was restored! Bravo. Until... Guy named Brad called. He was not only as far from "intelligent" as Anchorage is from Miami, he was also a complete f**king pr*ck. Sadly, I'm...
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