Want in On the Confusion?

Hola Bitcholas, My brain is stupid. No fault of its own. I haven't helped it with years of drug and alcohol abuse. Then again, I guess it was my brain's idea to pursue such things in the first place. Or maybe that's what my brain wants me to think? Today my brain decided to get me thinking about...
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Last month, Clayton was assaulted on Stephen's Pass leaving him in the hospital with a fractured skull, bleeding on the brain, and and multiple facial fractures. Luckily, the bleeding in the brain didn't require surgery, but the facial fractures will. On top of the procedure, the standard hospital...
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Go Fund Yourself

Help young Dustin live his baseball dream. Mike got hit by a drunk driver while trying to break up a fight. Help his family with medical expenses here . Robin suffered s stroke that left a golf ball sized pool of blood in her brain. Help her family cover any medical costs here . Sgt. Wing Woo...
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