Brian K. Vaughn

Vicky's Dirty N' Nerdy Blog: "Runaways"

We all love it when we’re right! For years I’ve been talking about one of my favorite comic book series called, “The Runaways” written by the talented Brian K. Vaughan(Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina, Saga, Paper Girls). The story basically is about a group of teenagers who find out the one thing ever...
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Vicky's Dirty N' Nerdy Blog: Comics to Read Pt. 1

Hello my fellow dirty and nerd folks! Lately I’ve had this obsession with online shopping. I was given some gift cards over the holidays and even though I have used them all up, I’m still filling up my cart. I have a problem, I know. Anywho, I have been expanding my graphic novel collection...
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