Cat Man? Do It.

Hola Bitcholas, G'day, bitches. Today might not seem terribly exciting to you and I'm not gonna tell you anything to change that...BUT, I do feel compelled to share the fact that today is my daughter's 7th birthday. See, you don't care...and why would you...but I do. She's the kid who created...
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"Thursday Night Football" - A Cat Runs on the Field Tony Romo really is the best. — Prescott Rossi (@PrescottRossi) October 27, 2017 10-Year-Old Boy On Joyride Leads Police On Highway Chase Video of 10-year-old Ohio boy led police on a high speed chase. A Guy Puts His...
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Joey Deez Blog "Cats or Dogs?"

Today’s blog is sure to cause some controversy for I’m asking you the Rock-A-Holics for an answer to an age old question… but don’t worry, it’s not about pineapple on pizza (which is awesome). No, for today’s blog, I want to know which animal reigns supreme, CATS or DOGS? For me the answer is easy...
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