Cathy Faulkner

Cathy and Taryn

Thank You Rockaholics from Cathy Faulkner

Farewell (for now) from Cathy Faulkner.
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Taryn Daly

I'm Back!

Taryn Daly Returns to Nights on the Rock January 6th
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Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday December 14th, 2019

Forms - The Nutcracker Suicide Silence - Feel Alive The Three Tremors - Wrath of Asgard The Warriors - Death Ritual Whitechapel - Black Bear Cattle Decapitation - Time's Cruel Curtain Insomnium - Valediction Chad Gray (Hellyeah) Interview Hellyeah - Black Flag Army Hour Of Penance - Blight and...
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Pearl Jam Vs. Turns 26

Pearl Jam Vs. turns 26
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29 years ago, Alice in Chains released 'Facelift'

There is a longstanding history between Alice in Chains and KISW, and as the band celebrates their debut album's 29th anniversary, it's important for us to turn back the clock to where the relationship began. Before the album was even released, there was a cassette demo that had been floating...
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25 years ago, Tool & Candlebox headlined KISW's Rockstock '94

Back in the early 90s, during the height of the "Seattle sound", there was a band called Tool that caught KISW's attention for being nothing like the grunge movement that was exploding all around the country. They were heavy and experimental. They were psychadelic and progressive. And they were set...
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Nirvana's 'In Utero' Turns 25

Nirvana released their final studio album, In Utero , on September 21st 1993, making this day the 25th anniversary of an album that has been and will continue to be a major musical influence at KISW and for Rockaholics everywhere. The first single was 'Heart-Shaped Box'. In chatting with former...
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