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Jabroni Journal: An NXT Northwest Weekend

NXT invades the Northwest once again this weekend and I'm STOKED! For those unfamiliar, NXT is the secondary wrestling brand owned by WWE that could be essentially looked at as their version of a "Minor League". But there's nothing MINOR about the majority of the current NXT roster! Some of the...
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Jabroni Journal: The Best Of 2016

The brand split. The continued rise of New Japan Pro Wrestling. AJ Styles in WWE. NXT continuing its reign. The evolution of Lucha Underground. Broken Friggin Matt Hardy. This is just a small snapshot of what the wrestling world brought us in 2016. While we can always find something to complain...
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Wrestlemania 32 Weekend

So now that it's been a few weeks and I've had some time to come down off the insane cloud I flew back from Dallas on, I can look back at Wrestlemania 32 weekend and fully appreciate all the awesomeness. First off, much thanks goes to Migs from BJ and MIGS Mornings here on The Rock. If it wasn't...
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