Cliff Avril


Q13 Angry Subaru driver rams Jeep passing on shoulder three times, WSP says Plane hit by bullet after shots fired near Renton Municipal Airport KING 5 For sale in Seattle: Boarded-up house for nearly half a million dollars Summer arrives and temperatures are going to soar this weekend KOMO 4...
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Hawk on Hawk Action: Top 5 weapons

Hey 12s, A lot of what I've done when it comes to breaking down the strengths of teams that our boys are playing, is look at the key players or "weapons" as I call them, that that team has in their arsenal, and what they can do to get the better of them. And a lot of teams have 1 or 2 key players...
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Hawk on Hawk Action: Pro Bowl!

Well 12s, It’s the time of year that we as Seahawk fans hate, the end of the season. It always hurts to see the clock strike zero, and to know that we’ve hit the end of the line. But our boys did us proud and gave us a hell of a season and pulled themselves together to see us in the playoffs for a...
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