The Greatest Story Never Told Mens Room Podcast

Hola, bitcholas! As you know and understand, the beginning of the week is traditionally filled with 'suck' and a feeling that can only be compared to smelling ammonia dusted flowers. And what a bouquet it is! That being said, we have a saving grace coming your way and we're very excited about it...
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Live Day is Our Christmas

Hola Bitcholas,​ Live Day is coming. I know you've told me this already. I get it. Just understand that we're excited about it. The crazy thing about Live Day is that this particular event is the envy of many other radio stations. Seriously. As we approach the date, we get requests from other folks...
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Movies and shows coming to Netflix in October.

Here's What's Coming to Netflix in October

Titles like 'Anger Management,' 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves,' 'Billy Madison,' and 'Black Dynamite.'
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Bangkok, Thailand - January 9, 2018 : Netflix app on Laptop screen. Netflix is an international leading subscription.

Here's What's Coming To Netflix In September

Including 'Black Panther,' 'The Breakfast Club,' and over 50 more.
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Netflix application icon on Apple iPhone X screen close-up. Netflix app icon. Netflix application. Social media network.

Here's What's Leaving Netflix In September

Say goodbye to '13 Going on 30,' 'Batman Begins,' and more.
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Say Hello To These New Netflix Shows In August

Here's the complete list of movies and TV shows that will premiere on Netflix next month.
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