Pasta Grannies

January is the month where diets, resolutions, and life style changes tend to start. As always, I am on my one month diet, one month off diet routine. It's exactly what it sounds like! For the month of January, I am sticking to my no carbs and sweets diet but once February hits, game on! That being...
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Get Cooking With These Recipes For Rockers!

Would it shock you if I said I love to cook? I know I might be a little rough around the edges at times, but I do know my way around the kitchen! Plus, when I'm cooking, I love to crank up the tunes. That's why I got all sorts of pumped up when I heard about a new cookbook for rockers that's coming...
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Joey Deez Blog "Holiday Gifts"

Although the holiday season has come and gone it left us with some awesome gifts to keep us in the holiday spirits as we break into the 2017 year. And if you’re extra special like me, you also got the added bonus of a depleted bank account. But gift giving is worth every penny and if you’re lucky...
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