Jabroni Journal: SummerSlam 2017 Predictions

The end of the summer is always a bittersweet feeling. While our days of shorts and t-shirts, night time barbecues and outdoor concerts might be dwindling, for wrestling fans it means it’s time for Summerslam! This year we have a 4+ hour event with 13 matches. This is gonna be a long one! Here are...
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Jabroni Journal: Congratulations To The Eater Of Worlds

YOU DESERVE IT. These are the words the crowd chanted over and over as Bray Wyatt walked to the ring on this week’s episode of Smackdown Live. I couldn’t agree more. This past Sunday, the Eater of Worlds and the visionary behind the Wyatt Family won his first WWE World Heavyweight Championship when...
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Jabroni Journal: TLC 2016

There’s no shortage of pro wrestling to watch these days. With the brand split, it seems like every time I blink my eyes, WWE has another Pay Per View event for us nerds to watch on the Network. Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not complaining…it’s just a lot to keep up with ! Lucky for me, I have...
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