Are People in Their 20s and 30s Fueling the Spread of COVID-19?

While older adults bore the brunt of COVID-19 cases during the beginning of the pandemic, in recent weeks there has been an uptick of 20 and 30-year-olds becoming infected with the novel virus.
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‘Jurassic Park’ Tops the Box Office Nearly 30 Years After Original Release

Nearly 30 years after its initial release, “Jurassic Park” is once again the #1 movie in America. The Steven Spielberg film took in over $517,600 at 230 sites.
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BECU helps your favorite non-profit

Help BECU give a big boost to your favorite nonprofit

BECU's money expert Todd Pietzsch wants your help to find the most worthy nonprofits. They could win thousands.
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Can Americans Expect a ‘Very Generous’ Second Stimulus Check?

On Monday, President Donald Trump strongly signaled the prospect of a ‘very generous’ stimulus check when he was asked whether he will give taxpayers a second COVID-19 relief package.
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McDonald’s to Bring Back Some Items That Were Cut During the Pandemic

McDonald’s has seen its fair share of changes lately because of the global coronavirus outbreak. The famous fast food chain cut items due to COVID-19, but only a few are returning.
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Scuba Diving Group Makes Face Masks Out of Recycled Ocean Plastic

A scuba diving group is making sure that plastic from the ocean is being cleaned up and reused for a good cause. They’re turning plastic water bottles from the ocean into face masks.
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How to Care for a Pet You Adopted During the COVID-19 Pandemic

When animal shelters tried to find foster homes for pets during the coronavirus pandemic, volunteers across the United States were interested. Here is how you can foster or adopt a pet during this global crisis.
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BECU's Todd Pietzsch on How not to screw uip your investments right now

How not to screw up your investments right now

BECU's Todd Pietzsch helps you not screw up your investment portfolio right now.
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Is a ‘Dramatic’ Second Stimulus Check Coming This Summer?

After the economic effects of coronavirus felt around the country, many Americans are wondering whether there will be a second stimulus package. President Donald Trump has hinted at a ‘dramatic’ stimulus package that is yet to come in 2020.
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What Summer Camps Will Look Like Amid Coronavirus

As states continue to reopen, many are allowing summer camps to begin operating amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemics.To calm fears and keep everyone healthy, camps are putting in new protocols that will alter the way many looked like in the past.
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