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Some Wholesome Videos To Warm Your Heart

This is a wholesome post. Come, recharge and stay awhile. <3
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Quarantined Reporter Interrupted by Belly-Baring Dad Have You Seen the "Stay the Eff at Home" Video? (NSFW) Joe Buck Says People Keep Sending Him NSFW Videos to Call This is the Wilt 100 point game of beer pong…but WITH video. Tremendous feat @smacksophone ! — Joe Buck (@...
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Jack White Went To An Mlb Game, Played A Show, Went Back Watch the video HERE! Couple Had Fake Baby to Con Friends Out of Money Watch the video HERE! Little Girl Furious That Dad Beat Her at "Uno"
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Miley Cyrus Covers Metallica Video of MILEY CYRUS . NOTHING ELSE MATTERS AUDIO ONLY Eddie Vedder Covered "Seasons" by Chris Cornell Eddie Vedder closed out his show in Dusseldorf tonight with a cover of Chris Cornell's song "Seasons" — Corbin Reiff (@CorbinReiff) June 30...
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Shout One in the Moment

Hola Bitcholas, It was Big Dummy day today, so there was a Men's Room Poll. Today, we got around to the survey we wanted to ask last week. During sex, you have to shout out one of the following names: Mother Father Pet or... Ex. I prefer to yell out a combination of all of the above. But that's...
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Dag Nab WHAT Though?

Hola Bitcholas, Today we asked, "What happened on the plane?" naturally, we got into a lengthy discussion about cursing. Well, not 'cursing', per se, but curse-substitutes. See, most of us on the show are filthy-mouthed a$$ho!es. We curse (or is it 'cuss') a lot. A lot a lot. Not on the air,...
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BJ Shea, The Prodigy, Blog

The Prodigy's Blog "A Quick Stop at the Strip Club"

Well now I've seen it all.... said no man ever on his way to the strip club. Wanting to get a jump start on the day, this "dad of the year" ventured over to the local strip club at 2pm to have some fun. Normally not a problem but this time he made a huge mistake. He brought his kid to the club and...
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