Hung Over and Out

Hola Bitcholas, A bit hung over today, and by a "bit" I mean 'severely'. To be fair, I woke up still drunk, so the hangover didn't get here until later than usual...right around the time we went on the air. As the show went on, my need to go to the bathroom increased to the point of intense...
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Q13 Dramatic dash-cam video shows small plane crashing in Mukilteo State Senate passes, sends House a bill to cut car-tab taxes, change vehicle valuation system KING 5 Student's ITT Tech credits rejected over word discrepancy Tacoma considers declaring homeless state of emergency​ KOMO 4 Watch:...
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Joey Deez Blog “March Madness”

Well it only took one weekend to dash my hopes at any chance of a not only a perfect bracket, but even a good one. It’s been one hell of a NCAA tourney so far and many of my favorite teams have already been knocked out including Louisville who lost in stunning fashion to Michigan. I’m pretty upset...
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