Dave Grohl

GRAMMY Awards: 3 Unforgettable Moments

This Sunday marks the 59th Annual Grammy Awards, and when an award show’s been around that long, there are bound to be about a million standout rock moments.That said, this list of GRAMMY moments is by no means exclusive, but it is one that we can firmly stand behind. See if your favorite moments...
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New Blood: Alice In Chains

Alice in Chains has a new take on an old Rush song for the 2112 re-issue. Tears will appear on disc 2 along Rush covers from Dave Grohl with Taylor Hawkins, Billy Talent and more. The 2112 re-issue is in stores December 16th. Disc One: Original album re-mastered “2112” (Overture / The Temples of...
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Migs Blog: The Flannel Years

Yesterday I had a complete blast on my podcast, as I had a friend join us to chat about a cool photo exhibit she is doing. If you are a fan of the music that put Seattle on the map, I am certain you will want to check this out. Many years ago, when I worked at 107.7 The End, Karen Mason Blair was...
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It happened. It really happened

The name of the tour says it all. “Not in this Lifetime.” Press, fans, hell people close to the band all said it: “I’ll be surprised if these shows happen.” I wasn’t a naysayer, but if you would have asked me to put money on the shows going off as promised I probably wouldn’t have taken that bet...
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Migs Blog 04/11/16 "Guns N' Tulips"

What an awesome weekend…something rather huge happened this weekend, yup…you guessed it… I drove to Mount Vernon to check out the Tulip Festival. How was it? I tweeted my review: Drove 3 hours to see flowers. pic.twitter.com/NbwpJKB8Fi — Steve Migs (@ImSteveMigs) April 9, 2016 This trip was one of...
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