So Much To Watch, So Little Time

2019 is here and AHHHHHHHH! I'm already behind! Over the winter break, many movies came out and I was so busy between holiday parties, seeing family, and babysitting, I didn't get much time to go catch a movie! I'm so behind that I went out and got myself one of those movie theater card where I can...
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BJGN On The Couch With Chris: Lifestyles of the Rich & Heroic

Infographics published a list of what kind of money superheroes probably make at their day jobs... Spider-Man better hope that Aunt May has a lot of cash in the mattress. Video of ep 79: Money is power... Superpower!
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BJGN On the Couch With Chris: Thrones, dragons, superheroes, & mutants

Maisie Williams might be in the New Mutants movie, so I thought I'd quiz The Rev about other GoT actors and their comic book movie roles! Video of ep 56: Game of Thrones comic book movie pop quiz
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