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25 More Northwest Metal Bands To Jam and Support

Back on April 13th, I authored a long blog called “50 Northwest Bands To Jam While You Stay Home.” It speaks to the richness of the Northwest metal scene that I made a huge “master list” of bands in the...
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Talking Death Metal, Scars and Quarantine With Shelby Lermo From ULTHAR and VASTUM

Shelby Lermo is the guitarist and vocalist for the crust caked Bay Area blackened death metal band Ulthar, who recently released their 2nd album “Providence” on 20 Buck Spin. He is also the guitarist for long running Oakland-based brutal death metal band VASTUM. I recently spoke with Shelby Lermo...
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Moscow Death Metal : Interview With KATALEPSY Guitarist Anton Garasiyev

Russian brutal death metal band KATALEPSY is gearing up to release their brand new album "Terra Mortuus Est" on July 31st via Unique Leader Records. I spoke with guitairst Anton Garasiyev via skype from his home in Moscow, Russia about everything from his early introduction to nu metal, the Russian...
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Testament Vocalist Chuck Billy Talks Recovering From Coronavirus, "Titans Of Creation", Scars and Musical Inspiration

It’s been a hell of a couple months for Testament vocalist Chuck Billy. After flying back home to the Bay Area from a European tour alongside Exodus and Death Angel, Billy became sick and tested positive for Coronavirus. Just a couple weeks after the diagnosis, Testament released a helluva album –...
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Check Out This Badass Metal Cover Of YES

Colorado-based tech metallers Allegaeon are no stranger to the world of classic prog rock. Back in 2016, they made waves with their excellent rendition of Rush’s “Subdivisions.” And now, just four years later we can all thank the nerdy prog rock Gods above, as Allegaeon has blessed us with yet...
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Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday March 6th, 2020

In Flames – Embody The Invisible Heaven Shall Burn – Eradicate Body Count – Point The Finger Body Count – Thee Critical Beatdown Septicflesh – Dogma Vastum – Abscess Inside Us Iron Maiden – Stranger In A Strange Land The Acacia Strain – Beast Fuming Mouth – Visions Of Purgatory Iron Reagan – More...
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New And Gnarly : Five Metal Songs To Add To Your Playlist (March 5th, 2020 Edition)

There’s a lot of craziness going on in the world right now. Sometimes it’s important to take a break from all of it and treat yourself to some pure sonic therapy via heavy metal music. Here are 5 new songs to help you get your recommended daily dose of brutality.
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Ingested Brings The Brutality Back To Seattle

Ingested brought their unique brand of deathcore infused brutal slamming death metal to El Corazon on Tuesday February 11th. Guest contributer J. Donovan Malley was there to document the massacre.
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FOUR QUESTIONS with Vance Valenzuela from VALE OF PNATH

1. What’s something that you’re really getting into right now? More than ever before, I’m probably actually just really into creating music and art right now. I'm in another band now called Ritual Aesthetic. It’s much more like an industrial metal approach to music. It’s been cool to write music...
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Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday February 15th, 2020

Sylosis – Cycle Of Suffering Kreator – Enemy of God (Live) Black Sabbath – Wicked World Testament – Night Of The Witch Rat King – Stranded Municipal Waste – Intro / Deathripper Lamb Of God – Check Mate Year Of The Cobra – At The Edge Insect Warfare – Chainsaw Justice From The Vault Anti Cimex –...
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