Dicks Drive In

Who Has The Best French Fry?

You might want to stock up on some ketchup today people. Why? Because tomorrow is National French Fry Day! Curly or crinkle cut, sweet potato or tots; no matter what form your fried potatoes are taking, they’re going to be delicious! Of course I had to poll the connoisseurs of food that I work with...
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Dick's Drive-In celebrates 65 years w/ throwback prices

"Two cheese, a fry and a small diet." That's my Dick's order, and everyone in the Seattle area has one, a tradition that now dates back 65 years. To celebrate this incredible milestone of serving up nostalgic comforts, Dick's Drive-In is bringing back pricing from the year it all begain - 1954...
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Joey "Deez" Blog "National Fast Food Day"

What better excuse do you need today to indulge in some fast food other than its actually National Fast Food Day. That’s right, rather than wait till the weekend when you’ve had a bit too much to drink and are looking for the nearest place to get some burgers, today you can let your stomach roam...
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