Joey Deez Blog "The Great Escape"

It’s the last hump day of the month Rock-A-Holics! Welcome to Wednesday the 31st. Why don’t we kick back and relax today with a video that will make you glad you don’t work security. Think you’ve seen everything the airport has to offer? Think again. This guy must have been going for the record of...
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Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: 5 Things Seattle Drivers Need To STOP Doing

POWERED BY VISIT BEND Seattle's freeway driving habits have been terrible over the years, but with populations growing to the north and south as people move away from the big city, the bad driving habits are spreading! I won't sit here and pretend I'm 100% innocent and have NEVER done any of these...
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Joey "Deez" Blog "Don't Nod Off and Drive"

Hey gang, Uncle Chris here filling in for The Prodigy, We were talking about how drowsy driving can be as dangerious as drunk driving on the show today, and that reminded me of a time that I actually fell asleep while driving. After a midnight viewing of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, I was...
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