Eddie Lacy

A Recap of the Seahawks Silencing the Chiefs

​What uuuuuuuup 12s! So glad to say that there is yet another W on the scoreboard for the Seahawks this preseason! Again, it's just the preseason, but I love love love love what I am seeing!I was completely off that Tobin would be one of our starters on the line, Odhiambo was the man that stepped...
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Hawk on Hawk Action: New set of Wheels

Hey 12s! The Hawks have been busy the last couple days locking down a few people to the roster and I’ve got to tell you these make me excited. Granted, they’re not as busy as a lot of teams in the league at this point. But, as I’ve said, Carol has a plan and knows what’s happening. Here’s a quick...
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