Pick Your Easter Feast

Hola Bitcholas, "Big Dummy" day here on the show of big dummies, and as we do, we conducted the highly respected, excruciatingly accurate, paragon of scientific specificity that is the Mens Room Poll. With Peter Cotton Tail right around the corner we asked about the contents of his basket...
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You Do NOT Want to Be the Egg

Hola Bitcholas, Not much today, just a dumb joke we heard that I enjoy more than I think I should. What's the worst thing about being an egg? You only get laid once...and it's by your mom. Stupid, I know, but I like it. That's what I've got. Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL! But...
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Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: You Should Get Chickens

Yeah, I know, I am a crazy chicken lady. It's true and I embrace it COMPLETELY! But seriously, if you've ever been on the fence about getting chickens, just do it. This is the perfect time of year for starting the journey. They're so much fun to have around and the farm fresh eggs are INCREDIBLE!...
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