5 Years in One of These, Choose Wisely!

Hola Bitcholas, Today was Big Dummy day so, as always, we conducted our Mens Room Poll. Today's scenario; you must spend the next 5 years living under one of the following conditions: With your ex. Not the one you like, but the first one you thought of when we said, "your ex". You know the one; the...
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A Guy Throws Thousands of Screws on the Road to Prevent His Ex from Dating Other People Watch the video HERE! Foo Fighters Joke About Getting Oasis Back Together Watch the video HERE!
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Shout One in the Moment

Hola Bitcholas, It was Big Dummy day today, so there was a Men's Room Poll. Today, we got around to the survey we wanted to ask last week. During sex, you have to shout out one of the following names: Mother Father Pet or... Ex. I prefer to yell out a combination of all of the above. But that's...
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